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Product recommendations

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Only about 30 companies, with a total of just over 150 products, have been deemed suitable for the NAAF-recommendation. We run a continuous assessment of the product types that may be relevant to our labeling scheme.

Potential products must be of interest from a health perspective and a recommendation should be a definite help for consumers searching for products that provide minimal risks of health related problems.

NAAF has had plenty of products in for evaluation over the years, most of which have been rejected as unsuitable for sensitive users. The few that have been approved, however, have mostly been so because the producers understand our focus on clean and pure contents and because they have been willing to undertake the extra work and research necessary to provide a suitable product.

In some cases we also enter a deeper collaboration with the producer to create completely new products, based on our content requirements and procedures, that may be recommended and promoted.

A variety of products have come from such collaboration: From skin-care products, via paint to food. What they all have in common is that they're not products "in a white coat", so to speak, they are normal products meant for all consumers, they just happen to be in a class of their own as far as health and sensitivity is concerned.

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