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New Nordic product label - Asthma Allergy Nordic

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The asthma and allergy organisations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark join forces in a new united Nordic asthma-allergy label.

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With the merger three strong labels consolidate into one label that unites the good experience of each label and the new label will become a strong brand in Nordic countries and on the global market.

Both in the Nordic region and in the rest of the world, the number of people, who are diagnosed with asthma or allergies, is increasing. The increase in the number of affected is also reflected in a significantly increasing interest in the Nordic labels from international markets that go far beyond Europe. Not least in Asia there is great interest, and we can see that the Nordic values are sought after.

It is not just asthmatics and allergy sufferers, who want to choose products with our labels. Many consumers want to be cautious and choose labelled products for the sake of themselves and their love ones.

The three sister organisations therefore find that now is the time to unite in a joint Nordic label. The new label will be stronger so that our focus interests can be better pursued and put on both the national, the Nordic and the global agendas. At the same time the industry gains one label that can be marketed in all countries. This also means that the labelling process will be simplified as only one application has to be sent.